As a director, you’re legally responsible for running Cranleigh RFC and making sure information is sent to Companies House on time.

This includes:

  • the confirmation statement
  • the annual accounts, even if they’re dormant
  • any change in your company’s officers or their personal details
  • a change to your company’s registered office
  • registration of charges (mortgage)
  • any change in your company’s people with significant control (PSC) details

Role: The President is the figurehead of the club, representing it at internal and external functions. Assisting the Club Chairman to ensure the smooth administration of the club, providing impartial advice based on your experience both internal and external to the club.


  • Guide, support and advise other club officers and committee members on any club matters.
  • Attend the Club AGM and committee meetings.
  • Attend all first team games (or find someone to represent you) to encourage and support the players.
  • Make sure visiting club officials are made welcome at all home games.

Role: There are two distinct functions of the Chairman, the Executive role and the Ambassadorial role. To chair meetings and act as principal committee officer throughout the year by making decisions whenever the need arises in consultation with other officers when appropriate. The incumbent should attend meetings in a neutral and uncommitted capacity to enable members of the Committee to have discussions with a neutral person in the Chair.


  • Provide direction for the committee by providing effective leadership and management.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of agreed actions both short term and strategic.
  • Ensure that succession and forward planning are integral within the club.
  • Manage other Officers to ensure the delivery of their responsibilities.
  • Ensure that the committee structure and management are transparent and available to all members of the club.
  • Chair meetings of the Committee.
  • Provide the Club Webmaster with any relevant information for publication on the Club website and Club Email.
  • Any other tasks to ensure the smooth running of the club

Role: The role of Vice Chairman is to provide support to the Cranleigh RFC Chairman to ensure that they meet both the Executive role and the Ambassadorial role and where necessary in the absence of the Chairman undertake the role of Chairman. Act as the focal point within any subsidiary committees set at the direction of the main Cranleigh RFC Committee.


  • Undertake the role of Chairman in the absence of the Chairman, both at training sessions, matches and committee meetings.
  • Represent the club at County meetings in the absence of the Chairman.
  • Head up any sub-committees formed at the request of the Committee, reporting back to the Committee on the progress/work.
  • Assist any other appointee as required to ensure the smooth running of the Club

Role: The main purpose of this role is that of principal administrator of the club. The Honorary Secretary carries out all the administrative duties that enable the club and its members to function effectively. It is a pivotal role within the club with a close involvement in the general running of the club. The Secretary provides the main point of contact for people both within and outside the club on just about every aspect of the club’s activities.


  • Provide an open communication link between the committee, sub-committees, members and other clubs.
  • Record, manage and ensure action on all inward and outward correspondence including legal and insurance matters and acknowledge where necessary.
  • Ensure all relevant forms and publications are distributed to the responsible officers and are available to members where applicable.
  • Organise the AGM, Committee meetings, prepare agendas, reports and associated papers and take minutes. Produce clear and accurate minutes of all Committee Meetings within two weeks of the meeting and distribute to all committee members and administrative staff.
  • Communicate all matters of importance from the CB/RFU and other rugby organisations to the committee, and section members; maintaining a sound knowledge of current RFU rules and regulations.
  • Take an active role in the continual review process for Club Club Compliance / ensuring the Risk Assessments are completed by the various areas.  This is to include verification and confirmation of the information provided to the RDO is correct.
  • Maintain appropriate details of the RFU online Concussion training completed by members.
  • Maintain and report to the RFU where appropriate all reported injuries to players at all levels and those involving non-players.

Role: The Treasurer is responsible for the management of the club’s accounts and its financial dealings.


  • Maintain the club finances.
  • Be fully aware of the financial position of the club at all times and keep the committee informed of all financial trends and any areas of concern.
  • Provide monthly financial details of all club transactions at committee meetings.
  • Issue receipts and prompt deposits of all monies received.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that adequate records are kept regarding the club financial transactions.
  • Manage the club cash flow and maintain a working level of petty cash.
  • Prepare and present the club accounts for the end of financial year report and if required audit.
  • Submit to the RFU as required financial records on a yearly basis, or as requested.
  • Undertake financial planning, including producing an annual budget and monitoring it throughout the year.

Role: To be a conduit between all players, regardless of age, all coaches for both senior teams and Mini and Youth sections and the management committee of Cranleigh RFC in all matters relating to the game.


  • Develop Team Standards consistent with the values of the game in consultation with the Team Managers, players and support volunteers.
  • Liaise with all coaches to identify and where appropriate develop talented players to enable them to progress through the club and beyond.
  • Promote the club to potential players.
  • Develop a philosophy and with the input from coaches a game plan which recognises team strengths within the club.
  • Manage processes across the whole club to optimise fitness & conditioning, prevent & evaluate injuries, coordinate training & recovery sessions in conjunction with coaches, first aiders and the club RugbySafe Lead.
  • Establish in conjunction with senior player coaches a transparent selection process for planned league and cup games.
  • Ensure all players receive clear, honest feedback and appraisal of their performance.
  • Act as the Club Coaching Coordinator, informing coaches of RFU planned courses for their development and authorising their attendance on courses which will develop all coaches to be competent coaches within the club.
  • Beware of trends in the game and wider environment, which could possibly affect club planning and strategies.
  • Liaise with the Club Membership Secretary for Senior Players, regarding outstanding Membership subscriptions for players and where appropriate chase those whose annual subscriptions are outstanding. The Mini & Youth Membership committee member is to provide information on a regular basis to the Director of Rugby on the status of M&Y subscriptions as requested
  • Undertake the role of Nominated League Contact (NLC) for all senior teams entered into structured RFU Leagues.

Role: The Club Captain is the link between the players and the committee. Representing the views of players at Cranleigh RFC meetings, and encouraging them to behave in a responsible manner both on and off the field. Provide advice and guidance to promote the interests of the players in their development and direction of the club.

The incumbent should be good at communicating at all levels and committed to upholding the Core Values of the RFU. The incumbent should also know and be familiar with the committee and players in order to be able to represent all club members.


  • Represent the interests of players at committee meetings and where appropriate at Disciplinary meetings or arrange with the Senior Coach and Team Manager a suitable representative to attend.
  • Provide a role model for all other players.
  • Encourage players to behave in an appropriate manner upholding the RFU Core Values.
  • Advise players of the administrative arrangements applicable to them as members of Cranleigh RFC, including the requirement to complete registration paperwork and the payment of subscriptions.
  • Encourage players and other club members to get involved with voluntary work and social activities at the club.
  • Welcome new members, visiting teams and referees.
  • Assist the Events Secretary and social subcommittee with end-of-season awards night and team social events for example: day trips, team bonding evenings, curry nights etc.

Role: Manage existing memberships, but actively encourage new ones and deal first-hand with the members themselves.


  • Manage all aspects of club memberships, including types, subscriptions, renewals and income.
  • Take the lead on promoting new memberships.
  • Provide information to the Club Data Officer to ensure the membership database is up-to-date.
  • Ensure membership fees are paid and records are kept.
  • Create and deliver a plan for recruiting new members, in conjunction with the Chairman, Head Coaches, Club Captains and other members of the committee.
  • Ensure Mini and Youth Team managers are updated with latest team membership number and chase any missing payments.

Role: To ensure that fixtures arranged for the Senior Section, both league and friendly games are promulgated, establish a fixture list for the whole season for the section and confirm or re-arrange fixtures during the season.

Pre-Season Duties:

  • Contact other clubs regarding fixtures and tournaments.
  • Produce a fixture list for the season.
  • Provide the Club Webmaster with details of all Fixtures for publication on the club website, including any amendments or alterations.

In-Season Duties:

  • To confirm upcoming fixtures with scheduled opposition.
  • Inform DOR, 1st XV and 2nd XV Captains and officials if any changes in the schedule occur.
  • Ensure Club Webmaster is provided with details of any alterations to the published senior fixtures in order that the Website to be amended as necessary.

Role: To be responsible for the care and maintenance of club pitches and surrounding areas and the maintenance and improvement of playing equipment and club property other than that which is the responsibility of the House Committee.


  • Ensure pitches are prepared/maintained, for example, seeding, cutting, marking including goalposts/guardrails and ground equipment
  • Ensure adequate hot water is available for showers after the game.
    Be responsible for hygiene and cleanliness/provision of necessary accessories for changing rooms, baths, toilets e.g. soap, toilet rolls, brushes, buckets etc.
  • Prepare pitches for games to be ready at least 1⁄2 hour before kick off e.g. flags, buckets/sponges, balls.
  • Arrange duty rota of members according to the number and demands of matches played. Clear litter from pitches and grassed areas.
  • Ensure maintenance of the car park.
  • Prepare a budget at the start of the financial year for submission to Finance Committee.

Purpose: To create and maintain a dynamic and easy-to-navigate website to showcase the club, ensuring that up-to-date information is presented attractively for visitors.

Key aspects of the role

  1. Lead on website creation and maintenanceCreate/update the website and design a navigation structure for players, opposition, coaches, volunteers, spectators, members, sponsors, media and other stakeholders, ensuring that there are regular updates to the news stories on the front page of the site (work with the Social Media Officer to share these articles) and the fixtures and results section.
  2. Act as a point of contact for website contentLiaise with the Communications and PR Manager and the club committee to publicise club events on the site and ensure the site complies with the code of conduct and reflects the values of the game.
  3. Maintain the commercial side of the websitePromoting sponsors, where applicable, and managing any e-business transactions that occur on the website.
  4. To ensure that any external sites which have links on the Cranleigh RFC Website do not contain any inappropriate material. Any site which changes their content and commence displaying inappropriate material will have the link from the Cranleigh RFC site removed immediately.
  5. Ensure the content of the website does not disclose any personal information about a child to members of the general viewing audience.
  6. Ensure articles, language and photographs reflect a fair and positive representation of all club members and the community in line with current RFU guidelines.
  7. Coordinate reports for the club for forwarding to the local press.

Role: As the main contact at the club for the Game Management System (GMS), you’ll help to establish the needs of users of GMS within your club including training; ensure the system is being used appropriately and that information is kept updated, to help contribute to the efficient running of your club.

Key aspects of the role

  1. Main point of contact for the GMS systemWorking closely with the GMS trainers, RFU Local Rugby Development Team and GMS help desk to ensure that new developments/upgrades are enacted and communicated to the appropriate people.
  2. Compliance with Data Standards requirementsMonitor user access permissions and privileges and ensure the requirements of GDPR are adhered to.
  3. Training and updating usersEstablish the needs of GMS users, providing basic training where required and ensuring they are kept up to date with system changes and identifying Data Officer assistant (s) to ensure the club always has someone who can keep data current.

Role: To be responsible for the profitable organisation and running of Club activities for all classes of the Club Membership.


  • Prepare a club events Calendar for the season, and ensure that all members and the wider community, Club Directors and Management Committee are fully informed well in advance.
  • To advertise all social functions well in advance with collaboration with Social media team.
  • Prepare a budget of anticipated income for the Senior Committee and Club Directors of each event
  • To ensure the preparation of the Clubhouse before and after any Club Event function.
  • To liaise with the Food and Beverage Secretary to obtain bar extension where required.
  • Ensure the Christmas Party and End of Season Awards night are organised as a minimum and in a timely manner.

Role: Overseeing and Running the Club Bar, Mobile catering van and Kitchen,  so it acts as a popular and profitable social hub for members and visitors alike.

  • Ensures that an adequate stock of beer, spirits etc. is maintained in the bar, Kitchen and cellar areas.
  • Liaises with the Brewery representatives to ensure that adequate stock is ordered with enough time for delivery at required dates.
  • Develops relationships with the Brewery and negotiates deals.
  • Organises bar staff, product selection, stock control, security, monitoring of prices/sales, signing-in of visitors, control of takings.
  • Completes the weekly roster a week before each week starts, and publishes each roster.
  • Balances the till roll and bank money as required, providing details to the Treasurer/Chairman and/or Club Directors.
  • Supports the Club Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) (named in one of the two licences held by the Club), and advises the Board of Directors (Executive Committee) on licencing matters.
  • Ensure the Sum Up Pro Till System is updated on time.

Role: To identify opportunities for fundraising opportunities for the club, its activities and events.


  • Organise fundraising functions and activities for the club.
  • Ensure all materials required for fundraising are obtained and available.
  • Supervise the collection of all monies raised and arrange payment to the Treasurer.
  • Prepare submissions and all supporting material and present proposals to interested parties.
  • Ensure all commitments are provided according to the terms of the respective funding agreements.
  • Maintain accurate details of all fundraising and grants and donations received.
  • Develop a list of local media contacts.
  • Produce press releases of any club events, tournaments and other activities and produce articles as relevant.
  • Forward to the RFU Regional Press Officer and local press anything of interest.
  • Where necessary coordinate other club members to help publicise the club, its events and members through the media.
  • Ensure articles, language and photographs reflect a fair and positive representation of all club members and the community in line with current RFU guidelines.
  • Coordinate reports for the club for forwarding to the local press.

Role: To devise and implement an impartial system to ensure ticket distribution is done fairly to all members, making sure over time everyone who wants to attend has the chance to do so and keeping accurate records of reserved tickets and payments.

Key aspects of the role 

  1. Apply to the RFU for allocations of international tickets.
  2. Register with the RFU Game Management system to receive notifications of club allocations.
  3. Ensure fair distribution throughout the membership.

Role: There are two distinct functions assigned to the Head of Mini and Youth, the Executive role and the Ambassadorial role. To chair meetings and act as principal sub-committee officer throughout the year by making decisions whenever the need arises in consultation with other officers when appropriate. The incumbent should attend meetings in a neutral and uncommitted capacity to enable members of Mini and Youth sub-committee to have discussions with a neutral person in the Chair.


  • Provide direction for the Mini and Youth sub-committee by providing effective leadership and management.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of agreed actions both short term and strategic.
  • Ensure that succession and forward planning are integral within the section.
  • Manage other Mini and Youth Officers to ensure the delivery of their responsibilities.
  • Ensure that the sub-committee structure and management are transparent and available to all members of the club.
  • Chair meetings of the Mini and Youth sub-Committee.
  • Provide the Club Webmaster with any relevant information for publication on the Club website.
  • Ensure all members of the Mini and Youth are familiar with the core values of the RFU.
  • Represent the Mini and Youth sub-committee at full club meetings.

Safeguarding Officer

Role: To provide leadership in the Safeguarding of Young People in Rugby Union within the club environment, maintaining key relationships with the CB Safeguarding Manager and local safeguarding partners. The Club Safeguarding Officer must undertake the appropriate RFU Safeguarding courses and will ideally have a background in child protection or welfare related agencies. The incumbent should also have a range of skills and attributes including empathy, approachability, a good sense of humour, objectivity, attention to detail, resilience and dedication to the cause of safeguarding young people under the age of 18. In return, the appointed individual will receive ongoing support from the CB Safeguarding Manager in the form of training, visits guidance and regular communications. The incumbent must hold a valid DBS certificate.


  • Develop and maintain the Safeguarding Vulnerable People in Rugby Union policy and procedures in conjunction with the RFU policy and circulate and promote both the RFU and club’s Codes of Conduct.
  • Be visible and approachable to all club members and ensure that their contact details are available to all young people, parents/guardians or carers, members of Cranleigh RFC and that these details are posted on club notice boards, the club website and are also posted on the RFU Game Management System database.
  • Work with the CB Safeguarding Manager to ensure that an effective DBS processing system for Cranleigh RFC volunteers is developed to ensure that all individuals working with young people undertake a DBS application every three years via the RFU.
  • Coordinate a programme of training, in conjunction with the CB Safeguarding Manager and/or RDO, for club personnel, including members of the Mini and Youth Section committee and appropriate members of the senior section involved in working with young people. This is to include arranging attendance at the RFU Safeguarding Play it Safe course.
  • Ensure that all safeguarding issues and incidents involving adult(s) and children/young people under 18 are reported promptly to the CB Safeguarding Manager or in their absence the RFU Safeguarding Team.
  • To have the contact details for the local statutory agencies (police and social services) and liaise with them when necessary.
  • To review and produce annually for the Club Handbook the appropriate pages covering all aspects of Safeguarding. Copies are to be provided for all parents and/or guardians electronically with a copy being published on the BRFC website.
  • Ensure that Cranleigh RFC has a Child Protection Policy and develop a self- monitoring strategy.
  • Ensure Codes of Conduct are well publicised and adhered to by all members of BRFC.
  • Be an active member of the Cranleigh RFC committee.
  • Monitor the Cranleigh RFC Website for inappropriate content and report and/or amend as appropriate.
  • Distribute to the appropriate club members any literature, electronic communications and new developments concerning the safeguarding of young people.

Role: To secure income for the club via different forms of sponsorship and advertising.

  • Contact industrial, commercial, individual and any other potential sponsors for Match sponsorship, programme advertising, Club sponsorship and ground advertising.

– Maintain a sponsorship/fundraising income and expenditure account on an annual basis.


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