News Under 15’s Cranleigh U15’s vs Harlequins U15’s

Cranleigh U15’s vs Harlequins U15’s

Under 15’s

The spring sun was out for the next instalment of the Cranes’ successful season against the Harlequins. The home 1st pitch was dry and apart from a bit of wind, conditions were perfect. We had a big squad of 21 players and pretty much everyone fit and no late-night outs beforehand to talk about. Signs were looking good – perhaps a day to let our backs loose? 

Another fantastic crowd that seems to be swelling every match with more family members, mates and girlfriends turning up each time (including my sister down from Manchester who was eying up the bar). Lovely to see.

I managed to arrive a couple of minutes late for the start and picking up my request to help with the storyline I got about three different updates from the fans, to explain why our boys were trotting back from the opposition’s line. I had everything from a try by Matt Matt to a penalty to the opposition. On closer interrogation after the game, it was a try from Oscar H and kick landed. Nice start – 7-0.

From the following kick off Henry did a nice run with Hugo picking up and giving the ball to Burt who swerved through several players and nearly got to the line. Quins cleared with a kick that was well caught by Luke who started a lovely run. For one of the first times, Luke trusted himself to go around the outside instead of stepping inside and scored a fantastic try to one of the biggest cheers from the fans and (obviously) coaches. M-Dogg was going to enjoy his free Guinness! Burt kicked a fantastic conversion from the touch line. 14-0 and we were looking good.

Kick off and another great run by Luke and then Oscar D. Burt was having a strong kicking game and put a penalty into their 22. Nice line out to Matt Matt, and a textbook driving maul from their 22 with Logan, Carlo and Dom creating a strong core that the Quins couldn’t break that kept rolling and marching over the line. Try given and out of the pile came Zack with a big smile. Bravo – inspired by that big French pack!  Another good conversion by Burt. 21-0 and we were cruising.

The opposition came back into the game finding Harley who had just come on ripping the ball from their big centre and captain who was a great runner, the centre also liked a bit of afters later too. Dom who had been having a strong game in front of his whole family went down with a knock to his knee and had to call it a day. All the best. Their big centre had it again inside our 22 and went through several tackles, got around the outside and it looked like Matt Matt had got him into touch before he scored in the corner. As soon as he touched down there was a bit of handbags between both teams in the corner and the coaches had to step in (to stop the ruckus, not join…I think..!). Try given, and an impressive kick from the corner and the opposition were back in the match 21–7.

After the kick off another good attack by the Cranes until Will S was guilty of trying to emulate the French scrum half with a big, cute pass. We kept the pressure on and were up to their line with good runs from Rory, Leo and Dante. After a couple of short penalties taken by the big men the waves of pressure paid off with a quick penalty to Carlo who barged through a few people and scored in the corner. Rory took over the kicking duties and a nice effort just missed. 26–7.

The last few minutes of the half had the Quins right back on our line, but we held out valiantly, Syd did some great Jackling, ball was put into touch for halftime oranges and a nice lead. The main chat on halftime was which of our little angels had been in the fight earlier. All I can say is Henry was on the bench at the time so innocent…!

The second half started with some pressure from the Quins who were camped out on our line again. However, a stolen ball by Hugo (great to have the captain back and his amazing work rate) got it out to our backs, slick moves by Rory and Oscar D gave it to Burt – now at full back – who ran around the side covering half the pitch and passed inside to the flying Will S who covered the other half.  A lovely, lovely try – perhaps one of the best I have seen with the Cranes. Easy kick for Rory 33–7.

After the kick off the opposition got some good possession, and looked like they were about to score. Big tackles by Henry and Dante slowed them down but they were camped on our line and their large centre causing us all sorts of problems. Somehow, we held them out with some great counter rucking by Loken and Syd to win the ball, Hugo then receiving the ball to have a great run out of our defensive position to save us again. In a flash the backs had it and ran back to the other end with Oscar D finding a gap and almost getting to the line. A penalty in their 22 and Zac made the sensible choice of finding Joseph on a crash ball who went through three or four players to score under the posts. Rory got the kick. 40–7.

Like the Brazilians against England, it was time for a bit of showboating and we were beginning to have some fun running out from behind the posts with lovely combinations between Rory, Burt, Will S and Oscar D that again took us the whole length of the pitch. Syd who had been having a great game got close to their line but unfortunately also went down with an injury. The Quins came back with a promising move down their line at speed – however, they were guilty of trying a cute pass and Oscar D picked up the loose ball and used those turbo boots again to score under the posts. Rory rushed toe conversion to try and get over 50 points and missed. 45-7.

More was to come from the next kick off with another lovely move from the backs, with Burt looking good again at full back. Dylan gave it to the backs again and Oscar D gave a last-minute pass to Will S who seemed to glide around the outside of the whole team for a score under the post. Easy conversion nailed by Rory. Half century up – 52-7.

Straight from the re-start almost the carbon copy of the move and again some lovely running by the centres and gaps easier to find with some of the opposition’s heads going down and a few tackles missed. This time it was Oscar H’s turn to go around the opposition and score again. Tricky conversion missed. 55–7. Time up and a very happy Crane’s had scored a great victory with eight lovely tries scored.

Official photographer Nigel got some great shots, and notably the ‘most stylish sock contest’ that was claimed by Douggie with some strong competition from Annelise. A big happy crowd in the bar afterwards with the Guinness flowing and a nice group of opposition parents. Their coach also sporting a very stylish Quins jacket! Men of the match were Will S and their big centre. Lovely bacon sarnies big thanks to Josie and an excellent referee for the day.

A big confidence boosting win and lots of great stuff by the boys – as well as the flying backs, the chat on the forwards was ‘roaming around in pods’, think that is a move, not some old Apple music chat!  Either way, we took a bite out of the opposition and are hitting form at the right time. Onwards and upwards!